Yashroop Ji School has come forward to educate, to guide and to show you where you stand in relation to the world, following CBSE standards. We keep on revising certain educational objectives for the betterment of the child as well as his/her education.

We emphasis on LEARNING IN ACTION. We have gone through several educational psychologist’s ideas and opinions, Benjamin Bloom’s teaching strategy has helped us a lot to achieve our goal as a successful education centre. Benjamin Samuel Bloom was an American educational psychologist who made contributions to the classification of educational objectives and to the theory of mastery-learning.

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Practical classes of science namely Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences and Maths are conducted in specifically designed laboratories under the watchful eyes of their teachers.


The full-fledged Mathematics lab at our school is designed to make learning Mathematics a game that is played enthusiastically by students. The game help students remember the various steps to the problem solving.


The school has a well equipped computer lab with high end Internet connectivity and with a system – student ratio of 1:2 as well as a digital library that has the latest and large collection of educational CDs


At our school we believe that academics are only part of the school going experience. Apart from studies, the school offers a variety of recreational activities which include quizzes, debates, confidence and competitive spirit.

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